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Tēnā koutou katoa

Welcome to the June edition of our Poutama newsletter.

What a whirlwind of a month May was.  Not only do we have a new addition to the Poutama whanau but our board member, Brian Tunui, has put together a story on the genesis of Poutama.  During May we also managed to participate in the launch of two new businesses and hold the third and arguably the most successful MIHI hui.

However with all such activity, pressure has been placed on Poutama’s resources, particularly our grants.  We will therefore be making changes to the grant programme and will let you know the nature and extent of these changes in due course.

You’ll read more on the new Poutama member in our update and we think your interest will be peaked on how Poutama came into being.

There are stories on the launch of Tū Mai Rā Solar, Waiū Dairy and the MIHI hui.  We are excited about getting Tū Mai Rā Solar up and off as it takes Poutama into a totally new space of renewable energy.  Mind you we had our first taste of that through the Kawerau Dairy plant project (now Waiū Dairy) using geothermal energy to power up.  MIHI our hemp collaboration is now starting to see pathways on growing, production and markets for hemp.  The solar, dairy and hemp all are inextricably linked.  We will be aiming to combine solar and geothermal for powering the dairy plant and one day the dairy plant will produce a blend of plant based hemp and dairy products…..now that’s innonative!!

Of course our newsletter always likes to feature what the extended Poutama whanau are up to.  If you would like your business featured in the Poutama monthly newsletter then please do not hesitate to make contact with our story gatherer, Vonese – vonese@poutama.co.nz.

Read on and enjoy.

Mauri Ora

Na Te Rōpū Whakatau o Poutama

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