Poutama Capital is very much at the conceptual stage but at Poutama we are excited about this one. Poutama Capital will be a  fund that aims to enable Māori to invest with Māori and into Māori… the so-called 4*2 principle (for Māori by Māori to Māori).

The fund will start off with a mix of relatively conservative investments into products such as Income & Growth funds. These funds give liquidity and enable distributions as and when required. The fund will also invest into Private Equity funds. The ultimate aim though is for Poutama Capital to make direct investment into Māori business and projects.

Poutama Capital will be a fund that invests in Māori businesses with money invested by Māori e.g. Trusts, Incorporations and Post Treaty Settlement Groups, whanau, hapu and individuals.

Before going too far down the track of establishing Poutama Capital. Poutama will run a series of focus groups to gain feedback on the concept. This feedback will be incorporated into the establishment of Poutama Capital.


  • Board of Directors

  • Advisory committee to invest cash on hand and select deals

  • Experts to provide support and advice

  • General Manager to run the company

  • To be run as a combined PIE/Limited Partnership

Poutama Capital will be for Māori businesses that are assessed suitable for investment by the Advisory Committee and confirmed by the Board.