Manaakitia te tāngata me te whenua e ora ai te Iwi

(Look after the people, the land and the customers)

Waiū Dairy is a collaborative effort by eleven Māori entities. These being; Te Manawa o Tūhoe, Māori InvestmentsPūtauaki Trust, Ngati Makino, Rotoiti 15, Tataiwhetu Lands Trust, Tapuika Holdings Ltd, Rotoma No.1 Inc, Wharepi Whanau Trust, Omataroa Rangitaiki No.2 Trust and Poutama.

Together these entities  hold 66.66% shareholding in Kawerau Dairy. The other 33.33% shareholder is a 137 year old family owned Japanese business called Imanaka. Imanaka is represented through Cedenco Dairy Ltd. These organisations will provide value to stakeholders through a cultural lens of Māori connectivity, kiwi ingenuity and Japanese perfection.

Wiaū Dairy combines passionate and energetic people, strong values, a fusion of cultures, Te Moana o Toi lands and renewable energy to create high-end conventional and organic milk powders and milk protein concentrate products for New Zealand and the world. Waiū Dairy’s location also allows it to harness the talent and skills of tangata whenua, as well as having ready access to the rail network and New Zealand’s largest port, Tauranga.

Waiū Dairy has a symbiotic relationship with its community of stakeholders. One cannot do without the other therefore all will need to work closely together to develop world class farming and milk processing systems that are in sync with each other. Waiū Dairy leverages its cultural identity and connections, as well as environmental harmony and sustainability. These attributes will be enhanced by providing meaningful employment and business opportunities. This will underpin the production and marketing of traceable, safe, nutritious and high value milk products that are in demand from health conscious and discerning consumers.

The symbiosis of people, land and customers is what gives Waiū Dairy points of difference and enables it to be a value-add niche producer rather than a commodity player. Waiū Dairy is to be located near the foot of Pūtauaki, a volcanic cone in the Te Moana o Toi region of New Zealand.

The dairy plant is to be based around two small flexible drying platforms that will be developed in two phases.

Phase One is designed and built to specification to produce specialty, high value cow and organic cow milk products (primarily Milk Protein Concentrate [MPC], Organic Milk Powders, Organic MPC, conventional & organic butter). Milk Protein Isolates (MPI) could also be a consideration.  The plant is certified organic to US NOP standards.

Phase two while still to be further scoped can include the processing of milk from goats and sheep as well as a blend of dairy and non-dairy proteins from both dairy cows and hemp.

Waiū Dairy will be the second geothermal milk processing plant to be established by Māori. It will however be different from most other milk processing plants in that in the big dairy picture, it is small. This smallness combined with the fact that it will eventually consist of two driers processing cow, sheep, goat and plant based milks, enables flexibility and adaptability.

Flexibility and adaptability are key enablers in a fast changing world. They allow for innovation and disruption, and the ability to move away from just being another commodity producer.

Waiū Dairy will produce its first commercial products for sale by end of August 2019.

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