MIHI is a collaborative grouping of 27 businesses of varying capacities and capabilities that have all agreed to work together. Among the businesses are hemp and cannabis growers & processors, land owners, food – processors, distributors, marketers and exporters, farmers, investors, entrepreneurs and research institutes. Also included as partners with MIHI are two Canadian First Nations groups, Ojibway Hempire & Akwesasne Mohawks. This is the largest collaboration that Poutama has pulled together.

The focus of MIHI will initially be on products made from hemp for food, fibre and health. As regulation evolves, MIHI will start looking to produce CBD based products for food and health.

MIHI as an emerging collaboration is managed by Poutama. The aim is for MIHI to become a vertically integrated business from land to brand.

Current focus of MIHI is on market research and product development. It is intended that MIHI landowners and farmers will enter into growing hemp for the 2020-2021 season. By that time MIHI will have a base of information on markets and products that will help differentiate it from other hemp & cannabis producers.