Iwi – Kai Tahu

ATP Fitness Club is a Health & Fitness company that has been running since 2013 in Palmerston North.  Owned and operated by Pele Aumua, ATP Fitness Club is “About the People” and provides group sessions with a focus on strength and conditioning.

ATP Fitness Club encompasses a range of functional fitness regimes that incorporate a group training environment.  They utilise a variety of training systems that incorporate bodyweight exercises and unconventional exercise equipment to provide fun, dynamic and challenging sessions.

They cater to all shapes, sizes, ages and gender providing progressive/regressive alternatives for each exercise so that people of all fitness levels can achieve new heights at their own pace.

After starting in February 2013, Pele aimed to initially help people with a functional outlook on training and to promote healthy living.  The concept soon became very popular through word of mouth and within 8 weeks their group sessions grew from 8 members to 30.

They began utilising schools, parks and community halls to faciliate their training sessions.  Between February and October 2013 their members paid $5 per session which was put aside to purchase more resources and help grow the business.

In July 2013 they registered with the companies office and in October they went from $5 per session to $8 per session offering membership packages due to the increase of numbers (40+) at their group sessions.  They decided to focus on quality of their training as opposed to the quantity.

For the first 2 months this change had an effect on their member numbers but with the focus on quality came a new serge of members eventually increasing their overall membership which was their goal.

At this time they also launched their website which became a great tool to communicate and stay in touch with their members.

In 2014 they found a new premise and since then have built a unique fitness club which remains true to it’s values – Activity, Positivity, Community and Success.

With the support of Poutama, ATP were able to buy equipment to help set up their new facility and offer new classes and different types of training for their members.

ATP Fitness has a unique club culture and is something they have worked hard to build.  It is also their biggest point of difference.  Part of their culture is about the support and compassion their members display when going into the ATP environment.

There is a joint understanding that everyone in their club is there to help one another out and that no individual is better than another.  The unity and camaraderie is a contributing factor to why their members stay connected to the club and keep going back.