Ko Carl Newman ahau

Ko Ngāpuhi te Iwi

Ko Te Hikutu te hapu

Ko Ramaroa te Maunga

Ko Hokianga te Moana

Ko Ngātokimatawhāorua te Waka

Ko Matai Aranui te Marae

E tipu ake au ki Te Raki Paewhenua, Tamaki Makaurau

E noho ana ahau I Orakei me taku wahine me etahi tamariki tokotoru

After 20 years working in the kitchen in Aotearoa and abroad, Carl was inspired to start his own catering business showcasing Maori kai.  Having a background in hospitality as well as business management, he established Get Cheffed Catering Services with managing partner and wife, Royala Newman in 2012.

Carl’s love for cooking was, and still is, inspired by his whanau, watching his grandmother cook and sharing her recipes, and from his father who always ensured there was a garden for the family to enjoy fresh veges and fruit.  And so, after completing his Certificate in Cookery at AUT (Auckland University of Techonolgy) he started out by gaining experience in restaurants, pubs, hotels and with other caterers.

As the business was taking shape his wife Royala took time out to study Social Work at Auckland University, and Carl’s sister Theresa stepped in to take care of the administrative role ensuring smooth communication with clients to secure contracts.

Get Cheffed Whanau

Get Cheffed focused on taking the indigenous native edibles, organic and free-range produce market to another level, and became established in creating gourmet recipes with Māori influenced menus in catering services.  At the time there were few caterers using Māori infused kai, making it an attractive niche market to launch into.

With the help of Poutama Trust, not only financially for the purchase of necessary start-up equipment but also with the introduction to the Indigenous Cuisine Cluster, Get Cheffed collaborated with like-minded Māori entrepreneurs to establish a name in the industry showcasing Aotearoa’s native ingredients such as Puha, Pikopiko, Tītī, Alpaca, Kai Moana, Honey, and Herbs and Spices such as the popular Horopito and Kawakawa.

Over the years, Get Cheffed has catered for a variety of corporate and private events including Matariki celebrations, Māori business awards, board meetings, openings, charity events, on maraes, food and music festivals, birthdays and weddings.

Presently, Get Cheffed focuses on location catering in the film industry and has become a familiar face within the various location caterers in Auckland and Queenstown.  To date, Get Cheffed has had the opportunity to cook for production crews in films such as Mr Pip, The Hobbit, and various TV series such as Spartacus and Power Rangers to name a few, as well as numerous TV commercials.

Chef – Carl Newman

Carl says, “Poutama Trust has been instrumental in Get Cheffed’s growth, enabling us to develop through their network and next steps as a business.  As a small business we have been able to set up a functional kitchen base to promote locally inspired catering and see revenues grow.”  Through liaising with agents, suppliers, web designers, clientele via social media, along with whanau and friends, all have been key to the sustainability and integrity of Get Cheffed Catering services.

“He toa takitini taku toa, ehara I te toa takitahi.”