ANZ Food & Agri Tourism Report – By Rob Simcic

New Zealand has a thriving food and beverage sector and a booming tourism industry and while we have much to be proud of, more can be done to connect the two and realise the opportunities this brings.

Our research reveals that over 60% of international travellers will seek out products from the country they visited when they return home.

However, New Zealand’s food and beverage experience currently ranks second lowest amongst all categories covered by visitor satisfaction surveys.

With our three biggest tourism markets, Australia, China and the USA also being our three largest food and beverage export markets, this is an opportunity for our primary sectors that we can’t ignore.

Iwi and Māori have a key role to play. Many tourists come to Aotearoa New Zealand to experience Māori culture.

Food is an integral part of that culture and Māori are large stakeholders in the New Zealand primary sector.

Add to this the growing investment by Māori organisations in tourism and there is a real opportunity to be unlocked.

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