It may come at no surprise that country of origin is a key driver of consumer preference and that consumers around the world increasingly want to know the story behind the product.

But how do you do that in an authentic way? And how do you start to piece it all together? That’s where the NZ Story can provide guidance and resources. The NZ Story is a government initiative whose purpose is to enhance New Zealand’s reputation beyond natural beauty. It does this by explaining New Zealand’s unique story and enabling exporters and businesses like yours to make it their own.

The NZ Story offers an online toolkit with case studies, infographics and high-resolution images and videos, including raw footage, to help your business articulate the unique value of your New Zealandness to an international audience.

The toolkit’s resources can help you tell a more comprehensive and accurate story of the value your business delivers and connect your brand with characteristics associated with Aotearoa – kaitiaki (guardianship), integrity and resourcefulness. It will also make sure your marketing efforts leverage off the wider investment being made offshore by the New Zealand Government in our country’s story.

And as we celebrate Matariki, the start of a New Year and time of renewal, it is timely that we renew our Toolkit with a whole range of new infographics and presentation content focused on the Māori economy.

The NZ Story also manages the NZ Government’s official country of origin accreditation programme – the FernMark Licence Programme. The FernMark licence programme is designed to help exporters promote, protect and showcase New Zealand products on a global scale through use of the FernMark licence logo.

Poutama’s Chief Experiences Officer (CXO) Richard Jones has recently been appointed to the NZ Story Advisory Board. Richard brings a range of expertise and experience to the NZ Story Advisory Board and will add real value to the Board and to New Zealand businesses.

Visit to register and view the free resources on offer.