Leading bespoke yacht companies Marinelogix Yacht Support and New Zealand Luxury Experiences collaborate to host one of the largest superyachts to visit New Zealand waters this season.

Marinelogix acted as the yachts agent including refit support and shore side logistics during the 6- month period and New Zealand Luxury Experiences were engaged as on board advisor, cruise consultant and expert guide for the owners 2-month circumnavigation of New Zealand. At 85 meters, she attracted a lot of attention while cruising around New Zealand during the summer months of February and March 2017. The owner’s brief of activities was demanding and this coupled with onboard helicopter operations, meant every aspect of the trip relied on careful planning, punctuality and professionalism. Together the two companies worked incredibly hard to achieve the common goal.

Mark Donaldson, Co- founder and Managing Director of Marinelogix stated :
“It was a very busy season for our small company and working with John Panoho was a rewarding experience. John and I communicated every day regarding the owner’s itinerary and with John’s innumerable local connections and sound knowledge of New Zealand, together with our tight logistical support, meant the synergy between us simply worked.

The owner, guests and crew circumnavigated New Zealand and were showcased the very best that we had to offer. It could not have worked better between the two companies as the feedback was incredibly positive all with the promise of a return visit”

John Panoho Co-Founder and Managing Director of New Zealand Luxury Experiences (NZLE): “The whole idea behind NZ luxury Experiences was to create a stand-alone bespoke guiding service focused entirely on leisure experiences for superyacht owners and their guests without the distraction of support and logistics. Our belief is that the level of the experience must be so exceptional and personalized that it is above the usual marketing and promotional publicity channels and will be shared by word of mouth conveyed by owners to those friends or associates they may encourage to visit in the future.

“New Zealand Luxury Experiences has developed a portfolio of activities which caters to the exclusivity and discreetness of the ultra-luxury superyacht industry. These have a strong indigenous cultural footprint that sets our experiences apart. Every season we strengthen our suite of services by ensuring that we are more than mere guides, that we offer a well-founded advisory service to the Captain and crew, and make the impossible – possible for the superyacht owners when developing special experiences for them.”

A testimony to the professionalism of the two companies is highlighted by the words of the owner in a speech at the end of the journey, “I have travelled to hundreds of countries over many decades on this and other boats and I can truly say this two month visit to New Zealand was by far the best I have ever had. In no small way this has been because of our Guide who showed us some amazing places, told some incredible stories, helped us understand the Maori culture and I actually believe he knows everyone in New Zealand”. Panoho said, “Our vision is that we should not be everything to everyone, but that we can be an important piece in the puzzle when it comes to making New Zealand attractive to the Superyacht visitor industry. No doubt the biggest incentive is having these expensive vessels come for refit and refurbishment. However, if we can also attract the ultra-wealthy owners and encourage them to spend time cruising our extensive coastline they will inject significant revenue into the regions they visit.

Donaldson adds “We have created a lasting valuable partnership with NZLE and are planning to collaborate more with John, to show case New Zealand, with the yachts we have visiting during the coming season.” Panoho is hugely enthusiastic about this first collaboration with Marinelogix. “Mark bought a fantastic client to the table and together we were able to deliver a high quality of service to one of the largest superyachts to visit New Zealand. The testimonials we have received bear witness to this.”

For NZLE, collaboration with the right partners is essential and the successful partnership enjoyed this season between the two companies can be repeated in the future.”
New Zealand Luxury Experiences